Got my skull knob mounted.

It's been busy lately. I'm going to be working seven days a week because the tornado put us behind about 12 days total. That takes awhile to catch up in aircraft production. I just hope it doesn't eat my summer away. One good thing is that I might be able to put some needed money into this bike. I gotta keep pluggin on this bike even if I'm dead tired when I get home. I had some extra time so I installed a threaded insert in this skull I picked up a couple months back.
I thought it might look to bulky, so I hesitated. I'm glad I got it on there. It looks pretty good.


My 62' FL...

Here are the latest pics.  I haven't done much to it lately.  I've been dealing with the wonderful idiots at the dmv trying to get it properly titled.


Wichita tornado April 14th

Here are a couple of pics of the building that I work in at Spirit Aerosystems.  It could be awhile before I get to go back to work. It should free up some time to work on the bike. But without a paycheck, I don't know how far I'll be able to get.


Ideas for the new seat...

I've been tossing around some ideas with this new seat. I'm up to about 6'2" and decided to go with a seat that is going to put me back as far as possible. The little bates type seat just keeps me too far forward. Here are a couple of pics of what I'm leaning toward. I like the nakedness with these seats, but I might stop the seat at the bottom of the sissy bar and making a matching pad for it about 6-8 inches tall. Basically just keep the seat and sissy bar pad separate. I sure dig that Swedish look! I guess it will go with my heritage. By the way check out those forks on the red bike. It has the triumph fork tins. Not sure if it is a Harley or triumph frontend though. I've heard that the tins can be made to fit a narrow glide.
Well, after taking a second look the forks aren't narrow glides. The trees aren't right.

My new to me 2-up seat...

I was given a seat by a really awesome guy, Kevin. It's an old king and queen style seat, minus the tall back. It had seen better days. So I'm going to try to recover it myself.  I stripped it down to the pan. I'm gonna have to do a little forming and trimming. I plan on running a round 5" fender, so I'm gonna have to trim about an inch or so down the length of the back strip. I'm gonna round up the front a bit and see what happens.