Forward controls...

I got a set of universal forward controls from TC Brothers. $200 with the linkage kit. I added a tube to move the peg out 2 inches so I could rest my feet without worrying about hitting the toe pegs. That required the spacers to be turned down about .010" by the machine shop. I had to weld a tab on the clutch arm and the foot control too.  I think they turned out pretty good. I will narrow the spacers up a bit when I can get a shorter air cleaner. This was the cheapest option that I could find to have the pivot point for the clutch pedal on the same axis as the foot peg. It sure makes my introduction to a suicide clutch a hell of a lot easier. I used the Wagner style master cylinder and bracket. I had to do some grinding on the bracket and flip the mc around. I also had to add some stops to keep the pedals from over traveling, notice the bolts on the lock rings. It was either that or rig up some sort of return spring on both sides.

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