Got er' did!

I got some accommodations for the ol lady added today. It's not exactly how I would liked to have done it. But it will work. And doesn't look bad. I eventually want to run everything raw, so I left the fender raw. So now I'm gonna get everything cleaned up and then try to scare the ol lady on her first spin with this beast.


Top end tore apart...

Well, I got her apart. They were .060 over and about .006-.007 over that now, with significant scoring in the cylinders. One of the ring grooves on the rear piston collapsed, see pic.  Hopefully I can use the cylinders. I see that they sell up to .080 oversized pistons and rings. I will have to forgo the head job for now since money is tight. The rods move side to side approx. 1/16". Bruce Palmer's bible says I'm good up to 3/32".  Very little up and down movement on them. Talk about carbon build up. Look at the dome of that piston. I'm glad I'm not going to be scraping those. I scraped one of the combustion chambers and that took about an hour. I'm hoping I can get the cylinders bored, new pistons and rings for under $300.  Hopefully that will get me to winter. Then all I need to do is by a winning lotto ticket and the hole thing can be gone through...


Broke ass biker!

Well, I've been working my ass off lately, and after catching up on my bills I still find myself with limited funds to throw into the bike. I'm seriously thinking about getting a sign and standing on the side of the road. It will read "will work for parts!".  I needed a new fender because I would like to add a sissybar for the ol' lady and mine is too short. I found a fender from a 1971 aermacchi for $30.  Tried to mount it, but it will hit my battery box, damnit. So now I'm looking for a cheap stock style oil tank, with a battery tray, so I can get it out of the way.
I was hoping to nurse the top end until winter, but I don't know if that is gonna happen. I'm getting way to much oil in my combustion chambers. I'm talking wiping my plugs off after 10 miles give or take. I might have to shut her down by the weekend.
So maybe the chopper gods will shine down on me soon and give me a break!  Till next time, - Toby...