Ideas for the new seat...

I've been tossing around some ideas with this new seat. I'm up to about 6'2" and decided to go with a seat that is going to put me back as far as possible. The little bates type seat just keeps me too far forward. Here are a couple of pics of what I'm leaning toward. I like the nakedness with these seats, but I might stop the seat at the bottom of the sissy bar and making a matching pad for it about 6-8 inches tall. Basically just keep the seat and sissy bar pad separate. I sure dig that Swedish look! I guess it will go with my heritage. By the way check out those forks on the red bike. It has the triumph fork tins. Not sure if it is a Harley or triumph frontend though. I've heard that the tins can be made to fit a narrow glide.
Well, after taking a second look the forks aren't narrow glides. The trees aren't right.


  1. I think the trees are narrow as well. Been looking for a set of those fork tube covers for a while now. They only make them for narrow hd front ends
    and triumphs.

    1. Check this thread out on the jockey journal.
      I've seen some repops on eBay, so I'm sure they can be found. If I remember correctly you can get a set for around $100.