A sad day...

My motor died on the highway yesterday. With close to 500 miles on my new top end, I'm a little puzzled.  If something wasn't done correctly when I put it back together, one would think that it would have failed a lot sooner. Today I plan on tearing the heads off and see what I find. I must admit, I'm a little apprehensive.  I have the same feeling in my gut that you get when you open the mail box and find a letter from the IRS when its no longer tax season. Time to crack open a beer and light a cigarette before I open this bitch.   I'm afraid my riding season is over and I just don't wanna find out for sure just yet. I think I'll go grab another beer...

On a side note, the ol' lady hated the fuckin seat. She had back surgery a few years back. About 10 miles in to her first ride on this thing, she told me she couldn't feel the left side of her body. But, this is why I love my wife, about a week later she wanted to give it another shot. She found a spot on that strangely cool excuse of a seat, to allow us to put about 30-40 miles on that thing, with only mild and normal discomfort that you notice from a rigid. I do plan on turning that seat pan that I have into more of a king and queen style seat. God knows I'll probably have time for that, since I already have the materials. I think financially, I'm not going to be able to get that motor back together anytime soon. So until next time, crack open one more beer.

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  1. Buck up we'll figure it out and get you back in the wind soon......I hope.