Broke ass biker!

Well, I've been working my ass off lately, and after catching up on my bills I still find myself with limited funds to throw into the bike. I'm seriously thinking about getting a sign and standing on the side of the road. It will read "will work for parts!".  I needed a new fender because I would like to add a sissybar for the ol' lady and mine is too short. I found a fender from a 1971 aermacchi for $30.  Tried to mount it, but it will hit my battery box, damnit. So now I'm looking for a cheap stock style oil tank, with a battery tray, so I can get it out of the way.
I was hoping to nurse the top end until winter, but I don't know if that is gonna happen. I'm getting way to much oil in my combustion chambers. I'm talking wiping my plugs off after 10 miles give or take. I might have to shut her down by the weekend.
So maybe the chopper gods will shine down on me soon and give me a break!  Till next time, - Toby...

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